Ecolab Lime-A-Way Extra Limescale Remover 5ltr 903520

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Lime-A-Way Extra is a heavy duty delimer manufactured by Ecolab for use in glasswashers and dishwashers. 

Lime build up in commercial dishmachines reduces washing and rinse efficiency and increases energy costs. 

Regular use of Lime-A-Way Extra according to manufacturer's instructions maintains optimum efficiency. 

This concentrated, acidic formulation lifts even the heaviest lime scale deposits and regular use in hard water areas, maintains maximum efficiency of dishmachines. 

Ecolab Lime-A-Way Extra is suitable for deliming commercial dishmachines. 

The odourless formulation is pleasant to use, but should not be used on copper, zinc alloys and porous enamel or marble surfaces.

Ecolab Lime-A-Way Extra Limescale Remover is sold in cases of 2 bottles of 5ltr liquid.