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Orange Squirt 750ml

Orange Squirt 750ml

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A great all-round general degreaser which can also be used as a laundry prespotter and stain remover for all fabrics. 

Orange Squirt is a concentrated multi-purpose cleaner containing natural orange terpenes, which leave a pleasant orange fragrance after use.

Orange Squirt’s unique formulation is free from petrol and chlorinated based solvents, with a neutral pH of 8—8.5, making it one of the gentlest but most versatile cleaners available. Use on all washable surfaces, carpets, & fabrics, including terrazzo, stainless steel and colourfast upholsteries.

Ideal in schools, hospitals & institutions where selection of safer cleaning agents is important.


Tar, grease, baked-on carbon, soot, oil, ink, toner, adhesives, sealant, glue, polish, fat, wax, crayon, blu-tac, plasticine, lipstick, chewing-gum, smoke damage, nicotine, scuff marks, tyre marks, body fats, sweat, finger marks, traffic film, insects & even some graffiti.

  • Biodegradable
  • Quick splitting
  • Contains advanced surfactant technology
  • Water soluble liquid
  • Neutral pH of 8—8.5
  • Powerful and dilutable
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