Ecolab Oasis Pro 16 Premium Multipurpose & Degreaser 2ltr 9051920

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Barcode: 4028159051939

The Oasis Pro Premium professional cleaning system provides ultra-concentrated products for high-end performance. Oasis Pro 16 Premium is a daily cleaner for a variety of common surfaces and equipment such as cookers, work surfaces, meat slicers, cutters, walls and floors.

Oasis Pro 16 Premium removes stains and grease on surfaces. Oasis Pro 16 Premium uses a high level of surfactants to remove grease and persistent dirt.

Accurate dilution of Oasis Pro 16 Premium provides excellent results and low costs. This 2ltr pouch is part of the Penguin Pro dispensing system from Ecolab.

If you are interested in installing this system please contact us to discuss an on-site survey.

The PENGUIN PRO Dispenser is the preferred system to dispense and dilute highly effective cleaning products into ready-to-use solutions.

The equipment provides safe handling for the operator, and prevents contact with the concentrate.

This system offers optimum cost through the exact dispensing of highly effective products.

Especially designed for use in foodservice, catering and building cleaning, this flexible system for sink, bucket and spray bottle filling is easy to handle and ensures safe practices for employees.