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Size 10 Regatta Safety Boots

Size 10 Regatta Safety Boots

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Regattas Playoff S1-P Safety Sneaker TRk107

Steel Toe Cap

Penetration Resistant

Electrical Resistance

Outsole Fuel Oil Resistance

Energy Absorption Of The Seat Region

Best work boots for men and women.  Everything you need is in one place, from work boots and shoes, to gloves, facemasks and even hand sanitiser.  High-quality site safety boots, shoes and trainers in various sizes and colours.  Either order online, or visit our shop in Cheltenham where you can try on our high-quality site safety boots and other footwear items.

Please note that the shoe boxes may be damaged but you won’t have any issues with the boots, shoes or trainers.  Unfortunately, a lot of the boxes are flimsy and we’ve had to tape them together to keep them in one piece.

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