Biological Urinal Blocks 1.1kg

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SKU: 6533

Biological Urinal Blocks contain a unique formulation of UK cultivated enzymes that work to break down organic matter in urinals. By using Biological Urinal Blocks, odour issues will be eradicated at source, and they to eradicate blockages in pipes and drains by breaking down uric acid and preventing scale build ups. 

Biological Urinal Blocks can also offer significant water saving benefits as they reduce, or even remove, the need for the flushing of urinals. They are safe to use with waterless urinals, compatible with septic tanks and should be used in conjunction with Maximum Eco Biological Washroom Cleaner

They do not contain pDCB or other dangerous chemicals & are particularly suitable for use in public buildings, hotels, pubs, clubs, restaurants and many other environments.