Size 5 to 13 Chukka Safety Boots

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With a full bellows tongue and a soft padded ankle, our Chukka Boots provide fantastic comfort and functionality. No matter what the task at hand entails, our Chukka boots are an outstanding footwear solution.

  • 200 joule steel safety toe cap
  • Penetration resistant midsole
  • Black leather with Cambrella liner
  • Dual density PU oil resistant sole
  • Antistatic sole
  • Energy absorbing heel
  • Full bellows tongue

Best work boots for men and women.  Everything you need is in one place, from work boots and shoes, to gloves, facemasks and even hand sanitiser.  High-quality site safety boots, shoes and trainers in various sizes and colours.  Either order online, or visit our shop in Cheltenham where you can try on our high-quality site safety boots and other footwear items.

Please note that the shoe boxes may be damaged but you won’t have any issues with the boots, shoes or trainers.  Unfortunately, a lot of the boxes are flimsy and we’ve had to tape them together to keep them in one piece.