Suma Reveoflow Clear 4ltr 7514625

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Date on bottle is 06/16.

Suma Revoflow Clear A11 is a concentrated low foam machine rinse additive with scale control properties.

Suma Revoflow Clear A11 is a concentrated acid rinse additive. It has been specially formulated for use in a wide range of ware washing machines. The product contains a blend of low foam surfactants for rapid and streak free drying and to control foaming in the dishwasher. It also contains scale control agents to keep the machine free from scale in medium hard and hard water conditions. A special ingredient makes the product suitable for use on soft metals. Suma Revoflow Clear A11 is effectively dosed with the Diversey Revoflow system, which combines excellent performance, safety and convenience.

  • Highly concentrated formulation gives economy in use
  • Ensures quick drying
  • Gives streak and spot-free results
  • Convenient pack is easy to handle with less plastic waste
  • No contact with chemicals due to innovative packaging design
  • Compatible with soft metals