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Triple Stainless Steel Safe Toilet Cleaner 1ltr

Triple Stainless Steel Safe Toilet Cleaner 1ltr

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Using a blend of phosphoric and sulphamic acid, Triple S effectively cleans and descales toilets and other ceramic surfaces. Safe for use on stainless steel and chrome fittings. 

Triple S (1L) utilises a directional nozzle to help you clean right under the rim of the toilet bowl, and a safety cap. 

Both the 1L and 5L containers are made from 31% UK recycled polymer. 


Toilet Bowls: Remove cap and aim under the rim at the water outlets then around the bowl above the water level. Leave for 5 minutes and brush stubborn stains. To remove stains below
the water level, force water round the S bend with the toilet brush and apply as above. Rinse brush thoroughly after use.

Urinals: Apply evenly across the surface of the urinal, scrubbing
stains with a brush. Leave to flush automatically and rinse brush. Sinks: Wear protective gloves. Insert the plug and apply carefully to taps and spread evenly around the inside of the
sink.  Allow to react for a few minutes and agitate with a cloth or sponge. Remove the plug and rinse thoroughly.

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