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Toss Bio Blocks 1.1. Kg Tubs

Toss Bio Blocks 1.1. Kg Tubs

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Bio Blocks have been specially formulated to reduce odour problems and blockages in urinals. Citrus perfumed and water soluble, Bio Blocks efficiently eradicate the source of this problem, providing substantial savings on both washroom maintenance and water bills, as the need for constant flushing and more regular cleaning is reduced. Biodegradable

  • Removes the cause of odours
  • Suitable for all types of urinals and troughs including stainless steel, porcelain and ceramic
  • Prevents blocked traps and pipes
  • Can save on water bills
  • Contains odour neutralising perfume
  • Cleans and freshens
  • Safer to use and not harmful under COSHH
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