Bio Dose Grease Trap Maintainer 5ltr

Bio Productions

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Bio Dose is a stable liquid containing selected microorganisms and enzymes that efficiently reduce the waste typically evacuated into the drainage systems of kitchens and other catering and food processing units. Bio Dose is suitable for use in all types of drains, sinks and small-bore pipes, as well as for maintaining septic tanks, grease traps and complete sewerage systems.

Bio Dose has a two-stage operation. When activated with water, the ‘free’ enzymes quickly break down the waste into smaller pieces, which are more accessible to the microorganisms. This initial degradation immediately improves the drain flow rates and reduces odours. It also enables the various strains of microorganisms in Bio Dose to quickly continue the degrading process, further reducing the smaller particles of solid waste (such as fat, paper, and vegetable trimmings) into liquids and gases.

  • Degrades grease and solid waste
  • Neutral pH of 6.5—7.5
  • Effective on all types of drains and small-bore pipes
  • Maintains septic tanks, grease traps and complete sewerage systems
  • Reduces odours
  • Improves drain flow rates
  • No harmful properties

The below video is from Bio Productions Youtube channel, showing how Bio Dose works.